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Fri, 29 Mar 2019
1. How Pharmacists Can Drive Patient Engagement, Value-Based Care
2. Employee Engagement Tied to Higher Patient Satisfaction Levels
3. When it comes to chronic care management, tech can’t replace people
4. How Patient Empowerment, Tech, Will Drive the Future of Healthcare
5. GlobalHealth to Launch Medicare Advantage Marketplace with Evolent Health
6. Insufficient reimbursement hindering chronic care management
7. How a Colorado health system has enhanced care team communication
8. Current State of Value-based Care in Oncology: 13 Key Trends to Know
9. BCBSI Deal to Seamlessly Connect Patients to Community Health
10. Does Consumerism in Healthcare Undermine Patient-Centered Care?
A report from the Pharmacy Quality Alliance noted that the transition to value-based care will promote pharmacists as arbiters of patient engagement. Prioritizing value-based care principles and patient engagement outcomes will help ...
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A one-point increase in employee engagement scores resulted in half-point improvements in patient satisfaction scores. Improving employee engagement can boost patient satisfaction and other elements of the patient experience, according to...
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In a new survey involving 106 healthcare leaders, 71 percent of respondents said an even mix of people and technology is ideal for driving success in chronic care management. Technology has become increasingly common in the...
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Combining patient empowerment and functional technology will lead to a future of holistic healthcare. The healthcare industry is edging toward change, promising a future of patient empowerment where consumers, with the help of patient...
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GlobalHealth, an Oklahoma-based health maintenance organization, today announced it has entered into a definitive agreement to create a partnership in the Medicare Advantage plan marketplace with Evolent Health, a company providing an...
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Insufficient reimbursement is a key barrier to delivering chronic care management in the home, community or other proactive settings, according to a new survey. The survey, conducted this year by Sage Growth Partners and commissioned by ...
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By using Spok’s offering, Vail Health has been able to automate processes for on-call scheduling and codecalls and improve care team collaboration and communication. Vail Health, a nonprofit community health system headquartered ...
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New data on the state of value-based care in oncology has found that while community oncologists are optimistic about the beneficial potential of value-based care, they see a conflict between the need to decrease episode costs and the...
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A partnership with Blue Cross Blue Shield Institute and Solera Health will help patients access community health resources that address the SDOH. Blue Cross Blue Shield beneficiaries can now enjoy a digital platform that helps connect them ...
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Researchers from the Hastings Center argue consumerism in healthcare is undermining patient-centered care by placing undue burdens on patients to reduce costs. The customer is always right in most industries....
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