A&M's Mohit Mohal and David Ritter join Chris and Anne to discuss Starbucks plans to load balance online orders, Nike's new sustainable fabric, Wegmans calling it quits on scan-and-go, Tuesday Morning's liferaft, and Target's new FAO Schwarz partnership.

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Today's Fast Five Fri, 16 Sep 2022
Fast Five
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Hello Omni Talk Fans! Anne and I are now just 48 hours away from heading out to Groceryshop.

We will each be on stage twice during the course of the event (come and say, “Hi,” if you are attending) as well livestreaming multiple times per day from the showfloor on LinkedIn.

If you want to catch our livestreams, just keep your eye on our Omni Talk Retail LinkedIn page Monday through Wednesday all next week!

In other news, our good friends from the A&M Consumer & Retail Group, David Ritter and Mohit Mohal, stopped by to guest host our Fast Five Podcast this week.

In today’s Fast Five Podcast, the four of us debated:

- Starbucks’ efforts to load balance online orders at its stores.

- The long-term impact of Nike’s new, more sustainable fabric, Forward.

- Wegmans calling it quits on scan-and-go mobile shopping.

- The value of Pier 1’s owner throwing Tuesday Morning a lifeline.

- And closed with a saucy roundabout on Target’s new FAO Schwarz partnership.

There’s all that, plus buying iPhones while intoxicated, Super Bowl halftime nostalgia, and asking Alexa for tips on how to get gum out of a kid's hair.

Listen to This Week’s Fast Five Podcast

Be careful out there,

-- Chris, Anne, and the entire Omni Talk team

P.S. We put out a ton of great content this week (probably our most ever in one week), and it is all available for you below, starting with our absolutely mind blowing interview with 1010data about Instacart's 2022 performance.

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